Saturday, October 25, 2008

Decisions, Decisions....

Three new phones all allegedly coming out next month on Verizon. I am very torn on what to do. It will probably come down to either the i770 (right) or the Touch Pro (center), as I like to have a keyboard. On the i770 the circle in the middle can actually be a trackpad or a D-pad which is cool. The Touch Pro is an HTC product, and their build quality on sliders always worry me.
The one on the left is the Samsung Omnia which has no keyboard but will have a 5MP camera.

I could just keep going on and on but I guess I will wait until they hit the store and then start annoying the sales reps.


Bryan Chandler said...

You know what I am going to say :) No really I would go with the HTC unit they seem to be pretty dependable from my experience before I traveled into the era of A#*LE!

Chris Weber said...

What, no BB Storm in the running? Been following your blog ever since you started posting about the i760 - which I later bought. After 4 years of win mo (xv6700 ((went through 5 handsets and never did get one that worked right for more than a month or so) & the i760 (solid build but glitchy as all get out)), I'm ready to give BlackBerry a shot.