Saturday, September 20, 2008

Good times

Well I have some sort of sinus infection. I feel awful. We had funeral today with two hours of visitation prior. I had the guys start the visitation and I stayed at home in bed until before the service started, and once I got back from the cemetery, got back into bed.

Yesterday, I had to fire someone for the first time. It wasn't an employee but someone I had paid 1/2 down in June to paint the Berlin Heights funeral home. He managed to get the paint chipped off and that was it. So after spending all summer calling him, him working 30 minutes a week, and having folks keep asking me when it would be done, I had had enough. Funny things is our hairdresser showed up today and painted everything she could reach with a 10' stepladder and got more done in a day than he did all summer.

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