Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Using the Flip Video

Last week I got a Flip Video camcorder and so far am loving it. It is so dip simple to use. Sure its not the greatest quality but it is absolutely instant on and so easy to upload things to youtube. My only complaint is when you upload to youtube it doesn't look as clear as when you are viewing it on computer or dvd. Gotta figure out that yet.
Here are two vids I shot on Sunday at a wrestling show with the boy.

1. This is a video of Evan Bourne who is absolutely my favorite wrestler right now. Yes that is me screaming in the vid. His signature move which is shown is called the Shooting Star Press. It was actually an illegal move until he proved to the wwe higher-ups he could pull it off without breaking his neck. That is why it was illegal. And no what I just told you is not made up or fake. People did get hurt in real life using this move. He just started with the WWE a few months ago and I think he will be a big star with them.

2. This vid is me getting a high 5 from Triple H. I am NOT the idiot yelling "It's all about the game!!" over and over.

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FloydWing said...

Where do you find out about these things? How's the quality for just downloading it to your PC for keeps? You crack me up with as excited as you were getting in that first vid.