Thursday, August 21, 2008

I was going to save this for my 400th Post but......

I just cannot wait!!!

The Official Sid Monge Fan Club

Sorry but I am laughing because this brought back some memories.

I saw Sid pitch in early August of 1984 for the Detroit Tigers. It was a twilight double header and the Tigers were getting walloped, so with everyone leaving, Mom and Dad moved us to the front row. I knew who Sid Monge was because I had (still have) his baseball card from the Indians. Floydwing always made fun of me for having his card so I kept it just because. Sparky Anderson sent Sid out to pitch and he didn't do very well. I think he was getting perturbed with the 11 year old in the front row who was cheering for him. I know my Dad was because I remember him telling me to be quiet. It was just exciting for a kid from the sticks to actually be 50 feet away from a guy who was on a baseball card that he owned.


FloydWing said...

I really don't know where you find this stuff. Just picture me shaking my head in a sad, feeling sorry for you sort of way. What I find most humorous is that on that fan club page it say "0 Sid Fans have visited since August 2006". :)

James A. Morman said...

I am sure thats because so many have been to the site that the counter reset....or broke