Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Function over form - hotels and funeral homes

Trash cans are a pet peeve of mine. Generally at a funeral home every table will have a box of tissues and at mine also a bowl of mints. However, at a number of firms I have worked for in the past, they have little to no trash cans out to throw tissues or mint wrappers in. I have had directors tell me that they don't set them out because they don't look right. I have also had people complain to me that some funeral homes they have been to don't have them. My homes have them at every table. Sure they might not be asthetically pleasing, but who wants to hunt for a trash can when they are visiting with family and friends?

So why would a hotel room for 6 people have two dinky trash cans? The trash can at my desk at the office is bigger than these two combined. Sometimes form must follow function.

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