Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Brought back from the brink of RSS bankruptcy

It has been hard this week what with two funerals and a wrecked trailer. The RSS feeds kept piling up because I have been using my evening recliner time to do paperwork. I bought a new printer for home to do better quality printing. It gets old sitting at the funeral home at 11:00pm printing memorial folders. Now I can do them at home.
Annnywaaays, this morning I looked at my Google Reader page and seriously considered marking all as Read. BUT I AM NO QUITTER. I worked hard today every chance I had to open up Google Reader on either my phone or Tabby, and finally got it whittled down.
Tonight wifey is sleeping at a sleep lab. The neurologist wants to rule out some disorder I forgot the name of. I might reinstall Vista on Tabby tonight. I have installed too much crap and its really slowed her down.

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