Sunday, April 6, 2008

Busy Busy

Sorry for the gap in blogging but this weekend has been crazy. The fun kind of crazy. Saturday we celebrated the 150th anniversary of our Masonic Lodge as well as the 200th anniversary of the Grand Lodge of Ohio. We had a large reconsecration ceremony at our lodge followed by a Grand Masters Reception. We actually got a babysitter and Wifey and I had a wonderful evening. I had three limos available for the grand lodge officers, and I had the golf cart running to shuttle people back and forth at the reconsecration since we had close to 100 people.

Yes, if you're wondering around 11:30 pm Friday night I finished the golf cart. The officer on duty came over and inspected it for me. Why not inspect it at night if you're gonna have it approved for night driving? I had a problem with it today not charging the battery when I drove it and I think I got it narrowed down to a broken connector off the starter. I think I am going to just drive it around for a while to enjoy before I do anymore body work. It does need a new spark plug and an oil change. That will be done this week.

Today was the first decent dry day we have had this week. Got a lot of yard work done. Also had Pinewood Derby. Ed-boy didn't fare so well but we had fun.

Well its time for bed. Wifey has her biopsy tomorrow and both funeral homes need yard work done. More Busy Busy

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