Friday, March 14, 2008

Morning Routines and unintended changes

Ever wonder why you do things a certain way? Or you realize that "Hmm, I've done this for a year now, why did I change it?"

My immediate family members can attest to the fact that I have a set way for getting ready for work in the morning. It rarely changes and only changes when I allow it to. If something happens to mess it up...well lets not go there. I have mellowed out some, when you have three kids a morning routine cannot revolve around you alone. Wifey even knows that certain things just have to be done in my order, ("Hey Honey, I grabbed you some socks...oh sorry you're not to that point yet are you?).

I always have a cup of coffee in the morning. I have one of those Black and Decker one cup deals that brews before your eyes. It uses a coffee pod. Well I ran out of pods yesterday so this morning I had to drag the ole drip maker out of the closet. The stoopid thing takes 15 mins to make coffee. HOW DARE IT MAKE ME WAIT! Suddenly I realized something. When I switched from drip to instant brew a year or so ago it completely changed my morning routine. It actually made me lazier. I used to get up, set up the drip maker, then, knowing how long it would take to brew, run get a shower and get dressed before it was done. Now, I get up watch my podmaker brew instantly and then sit around and be lazy until the last absolute minute I have to wake the kids up.

One simple change has affected the way I do something, and as I came to realize today, has made me less productive. Look...I am even blogging in the morning! You wonderful readers know that I rarely do that.

When something changes in my life, work, whatever, I try to remind people to look for unintended consequences in what they do. This especially applies to my village council work. "Is this law going to have the desired effect or will it bring on something totally different we don't like or didn't expect?"

Well I am gonna grab a shower and get dressed BEFORE the kids get up.

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