Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Snow days for funerals

We are expecting quite a bit of snow today and I have two funerals. It is always a tough call to make when it comes to cancelling a funeral. I have had to do it twice in my career. One time I had to close a visitation and send people home because it was getting too bad. It was 3:00pm and we still had visitation that night. I drove back to the funeral home after dinner to see if anyone would show up and only one person did and he came on a snowmobile. (You might be a redneck if....) The second time was on December 23 of 2004, which I hated to do because we ended up having the service the next day on Christmas Eve.
So everyone say a prayer that I can get these two families taken care of today.

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bchandler said...

Death Call @ 8:00 came home to eat supper. Called out for another funeral home at 1:00 am got back to the house @ 8:30 am. Shower and back to work this morning. Meet with a family at 11:00 am and 3 people under hospice with 24 hours left. Grandfather sen to hospital over the weekend now in ICU. Week startin' out like one of yours, I guess. Bets of luck fightin' the snow. Sorry but have to put my money on Mother Nature.