Sunday, February 17, 2008

Right tool for the jobs

On the surface it would appear I took a step backwards in getting another standalone pda. I actually am planning on having this replace my nokia 770 tablet and my ipod. That sounds even stranger doesn’t it?

Well here is what I need.

-GPS usage, perhaps even sometimes without data connection (working on that one).

-music player for my car

-bigger screen for internet use when I don’t have Tabby

-device with plenty of room for storage

Here is the icing for me.

-Can synch with my exchange server

-Has Office Mobile (including One Note!!!)

-I am already very familiar with Windows mobile

-Can charge and synch with a mini-usb cable

So with the Ipaq 210 I can consolidate two devices to one and eliminate two sets of proprietary chargers. So the next few weeks I will be posting about how this works for me. I will have pics later.

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