Sunday, February 10, 2008

Clearance Sale

I am still getting rid of my cold, I think I will be almost back to normal by tomorrow. I have spent the day perusing websites and ebay looking at gadgetry and looking over my collection. I have come to the realization that I have to seriously sit down and start selling some of this crap. There are some cool things coming out that I want and I need space and money. I have never sold anything on ebay before but I figured if any of you readers want some of this here is your chance. Its about as cheap as it can get.

Here is what I am getting rid of:
Ipaq rx3115: The pda that started it all for me. It is near mint condition and runs like a charm. Comes with sync cable and leather pouch $50.00

Ipaq 2495b: This has been mutilated by yours truly to be used for bootlegging. It is functional as a pda, but I took the mic leads and ran them out the headphone jack to plug stereo mics. I also took a dremel to it to make the stylus hole bigger for the mic jack but quit working on it. This comes with the box and lots of goodies (extended, battery cradle, charger for extra battery). Since it is pretty buggered up I would prolly give it to you for shipping if you wrote me a haiku exclaiming my greatness.

NEC Mobilepro 900C: This gem is a unique niche item. Comes with a charger, BT CF card, a 1GB CF card (you will need it to boot custom ROM's if you want) and a Verizon data card that does work with it. If you have a GSM phone you can tether to it or buy a cheap wifi card. I never got my verizon phones tethered to it. There are also printers compatible with it. $40.00

Samsung sch-i730: This baby was my first converged device. It has tons of stuff with it. It occasionally has screen alignment problems. $30.00

Motorola Q: Has some scratches but none on the screen. Works great. Comes with sync cord and charger cord. $30.00

3G Ipod: Works fine 10GB Includes charger and sync cable. I will also include a IDE to CF adapter if you want to do the conversion I am doing on my 4G Ipod that I am keeping. $30.00

Nokia 770 Internet Tablet: Yup, Natasha is for sale. I bought her less than a year ago on woot! for 139.00 I cant find a scratch on her. Still have the box and everything that came with it and will throw in a 1GB mmc card I got for her. $90.00

Verizon Sierra AC595 EVDO Rev. A Card: Works great. $30.00

Price includes first class shipping. Paypal preferred.

So if you want dibs on any of this email me at

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