Friday, January 25, 2008

Unplug everything and call me in the morning

Well as usual a good nights sleep has solved some of my problems. That and listening to Pink Floyd before bed. Wifey said Echoes gave her a headache, I'll sure miss her. Well I wouldn't really leave wifey over that.........I guess Just KIDDING. She actually reads this now.

At least this morning I got my death certificate to print from the comfort of my easy chair. I set it up to print to the family computer printer in like 15 seconds this morning. So that has me off to a good start. I have a service today over in the Heights. Unfortunately it will take up most of the day as I have been wanting desperately to have time to get to the cigar shop for a few hours to kick back. Oh well such is life.

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SuperDude2111 said...

Yah I have had people say to me that Echoes sucks. I sure miss those people. I made them leave :)