Monday, January 21, 2008

One little email

Last week I sent an email to the editor of our local newspaper. He wrote an editorial saying that the paper was going to be doing articles about fraternal organizations and businesses in February. It wasnt a long email, just a few things that are going on in town. Today I did three different interviews with different reporters from that paper and tomorrow they are sending someone to do a feature on local businesses in town and specifically wanted a picture of me. I will be inviting some other folks as well. I could never afford the amount of advertising I will receive from that little email I sent.

With all the time I spent on the phone today, I took my son to the doctor today and for the first time intentionally did not answer my phone when it rang so I could keep talking to him. That is a first for me. It doesnt sound like much, but I am hoping to maybe set some time aside each day where I dont answer my phone for a bit. It will be hard but the family appreciates it.

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