Sunday, December 30, 2007

sick day for wife and gadget diet for me

(Disclaimer i wrote this on my pn820 using t9.) Well i thought i could sleep in today but at the crack of dawn wife wakes me up to tell me she is sick. Well since christmas i have been watching what i eat. Our chief of police was told by his doctor that he needed to lose weight. So we have begun an informal contest. We need to do a weigh in yet. Anyways i have really been trying to not eat between meals and before bed. So last night while the patriots game was on i needed something to keep me busy and not eating so i dug into my unused gadgets. It kept my hands busy and managed to only eat a couple pieces of cheese and a diet coke. Normally i would have ate a half bag of some form of chips, a bowl of ice cream and them something to tide me over til breakfast. Well with any diet there are side effects. For me the side effect was switching ESN's to my pn820. I do think with a bit of practice i could type in t9 as fast as i could with my 760. If you did not care about punctuation, thats what makes the difference. Ok time to rest my thumbs.

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