Monday, November 19, 2007

Retry With Build 52
Im Quite Excited Tonight.
The "Inkblogfather"
Sumocat (, Found My Inkings,
Sent Me A Message, And
linked Me On His Blog (
He Created The Program
That Allows Links To Be
Placed In the Inkblogs.
I Played Around With
It For A Bit. I Didn't
Give Up, But I Tend
to Blog Quickly And
On the Go. When I
Use Build 52 (
l. Create with Windows
2. Paste It Into Ms Paint
3. Save It As A jpg
4. Upload To Photobucket.
5, Copy the Link From
Photobucket Into
Build 52
6. Create Each Link
One At A Time.
7. Edit The Text & Tags
8. Build 52 Creates the
Code and Then I Paste
It Into Blogger
So You See Its Like
Quitting Smoking. You
Have To Want To.
One Thing He Mentioned
Was I Need To Add Some
Scripts to My Template.
I Hope I Did It Right.

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1 comment:

Sumocat said...

Hey, you need to put the styles and scripts between the head tags. Search for /head tag and put the lines right before that. Should work after that.