Saturday, November 3, 2007

Perhaps I am up too late thinking too much....

I was perusing some funeral consulting websites and blogs tonight, and I was just about ready to post a comment to a blog entry when I stopped and realized I was about to post using my nick, Sixftunda. I guess I have never really thought twice about using my nick until tonight. I even wondered for a few minutes if perhaps I need to make a change and drop the nickname permanently.

I thought it up one night back in....ummmmm 1999 when I bought wifey a webtv for Christmas. It was late, just like tonight and I was signing up for a yahoo account. My first very-own email account. I had a fear of using my real name on the internet and everyone else had a cool nick so I sat there punching in different nicks when I finally came up with sixftunda. I was tickled pink. It's unique, you gotta admit that, even if it offends you. I have never had trouble registering for websites or forums because no one has that nick or at least I haven't ran into anyone in 8 years. It was probably a good idea to not use my real name at that time given some of the weird websites I use to hang out at. Now I don't mind, the nick is mainly just a nickname. It would be easy for anyone to find me if they wanted.

So anyways, I didn't post in this particular professional blog because of what I thought others in my industry would think of my nick. Many of them would be offended. Maybe I have matured and I should just start new and drop the nick? Should I just use my real name or come up with a new unique nick that I could use anywhere?

Well so many people recognize my name in gadget forums, somewhat (prolly very little now) in the Pink Floyd world, and none of you who know me have ever expressed a problem with my nick, that I really think it would be wrong to just quit using it completely, but I believe I will begin to use my real name more. It is more professional. Ok bedtime.


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