Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Kicked out of my house

Wifey is having one of those home jewelry parties tonight so The Boy and I are hanging out at the funeral home tonight. I brought my gadget bag and am looking through all my goodies. I have not used Natasha since I bought Tabby. I think I might sell her. She is in mint condition and I still have the box. Actually I have a number of things I need to sell.
Treo 700wx
Natasha aka Nokia 770 internet tablet
Motorola Q
Motorola 820 A2DP headphones

I am going to keep the pantech pn-820 because it makes a sweet backup phone and I am still paying the insurance on it. Wifey really wants an orange enV so maybe I will be nice and sell this stuff to get that for her......NAH I need to look for a new gadget!!!

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