Sunday, October 28, 2007

Vista and the i760

Well if I haven't been celebrating the boys B-day I have been playing with Tabby. I have finally got Boris tethered to her. I broke down and did it "legally" with Verizon's Vz access. Vista is driving me up a wall. I tried for two hours to get pda net to connect with no luck. I do think I get better speeds with the Vz software but it still took a call to support to get it working.

In other news I moved my hosted exchange server from mail 2 web to They offer exchange server 2007 which will allow me to get html mail. It is a little bit more expensive but you get a free copy of outlook 2007 which is nice.

Now that I have tethering solved my next step is to get One Note working. It looks like I can synch it with Boris. Its a pretty powerful program. I really like writing on Tabby. It is just like writing on paper. I just have to get used to Vista. I half-considered seeing if I could revert tabby back to XP but its only been 36 hours. I think I will need 3 weeks to really give a good opinion. That will give me some real world experience.

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