Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Mini-review Part 2

How's this for a verdict on the battery life:

The Extended Battery exceeded my expectations.
The Standard Battery was below my expectations.

Frankly the above statements surprised me. Before I go on please remember that this is anecdotal.

Friday I unplugged Boris at 6:00am. Made approx 60 mins of phone calls, ran push email, did approx. one hour of web surfing (which is unusual for me), received 8-10 text messages and from 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm the phone was inside a building switching back and forth from coverage to no coverage. I plugged him back in the charger at 11:00 pm that night and the battery had 25% charge left. I bet you can guess I was using the extended battery.

Sunday I took him out of the cradle at 6:30 am sat in the same building from 9:00 am to 1:30 pm ran push email made 15 mins of phone calls and ran BT tethering with my nokia for approx 80 mins and battery was at 20% at 4:30 today. That was using the "sub"standard battery. Yesterday was no better. If I had a busy day at the funeral home with tethering and phone calls I'm sure it wouldn't last til noon. I guess I thought I would be able to get it to 5:00pm with 20% left to the battery on 70% of the days I would use it.

Well at least the extended battery is so slim. I am definitely ordering another one. If you do any amount of BT use or heavy data, just plan on using the extended battery.

I have also used the holster for a couple days following my repair. I know many of you wouldn't have done what I did but A:It's my money and B:I wanted a clip holster and since so many have been reported to break, an exchange was out of the question. The holster is a "face out" style and so is worthless for anything other than very light "suit and tie" use as I call it. I am going to use it this week when I go to the mall to show off to the kiosk cell phone workers ;)

The cradle is nice to use. I really like that you can rotate it to landscape. It's a definite improvement over the 730 holster. My only gripe is that you can't use the side "ok" button and the volume button is partially obscured. This can be solved by simply opening the slider and using the phone in landscape mode while in the cradle. You can remove the stylus.

I have hard reset Boris twice. The first time was because I loaded up too much crap I was testing. It was totally my fault. The second time was to benchmark test. I wanted a fresh unit. I another upcoming entry I will talk about how to set your device up and what I do when I need to hard reset.

I am getting ready for a trip to Las Vegas on Saturday so My main objective is to get all my gadgets organized and ready to pack for the trip. I think a new laptop bag purchase is in order. It really isn't made for all the cords and cables I bring. I also wanna try not bringing my ipod this time and load all my tunes onto a micro sd to use in Boris. The last few devices I have had I basically just had the same setup as I did when I used the i730 daily. I really wanna try pushing the envelope this time around when it comes to getting the most out of this.


Jonavan said...

I really enjoy your in depth reviews of this phone. I can't believe how long it's taking to release. Your blog is the best review that I've found of it anywhere on the web. Thanks for giving all of us your feedback. Is there going to be a Mini Review part 3? If there is I'm looking forward to it.

sixftunda said...

Thanks for the compliment. I do plan on doing another mini-review soon.