Saturday, September 29, 2007

Thank you all!

Holy feedburner Batman! My subscribers tripled in the last couple days! (No Floydwing, this doesn't mean I have three subscribers...including me.). I just want to welcome everyone and I gotta give some thanks (mad props yo!) to the following super-cool websites that linked my mini-review:
Gear Diary
Pocket PC Thoughts
Also if you want the real skinny on the sch-i760 head over to Most of what I post here will be there also. Just that here, all of my thoughts are in one place. I can guarantee I will be ordering mucho accessories for this baby once it's released officially so there's lots of fun ahead.

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FloydWing said...

Your surge was just me. I have such a bad memory that I subscribe multiple times so I can re-read your wisdom. :)

By the way, dude, sorry I didn't get a sympathy card out to you, Chris, and the rest of the family. But you've all got my sympathy.