Friday, September 14, 2007

Grandmas and Gadgets

The reason you got to see a picture of my brothers house is because I made an emergency trip home yesterday. My grandmother is very sick and so having learned from the three other grandparents who died, I made sure I got to go see her and talk to her one more time. She is 93 and has been in the hospital for over a week. I got home around 5:30 pm and had dinner with the parents. It was 7:00 pm when we finished dinner and I decided I should make the 45 minute drive to the hospital that evening and not wait til morning. I am glad I made that decision. Even though I could only stay with her for about 40 mins til visiting time ended, I did get to talk to her and tell her I love her. I gave her a candle made by monks in Rome and blessed by the Pope, which she loved. Later that night her lungs began to fill up and by morning she was either unconscious or deep asleep, I don't know which. That is the last I have heard so far. I had to drive back and meet a family for pre-arrangements and watch the kids while wifey worked.

When I am home at Mom and Dad's I have very little access to the internet. I have to tether to lappy with my current phone (Moto Q) and where the live I only get 1X coverage. So I just get on to check a couple news sites and thats it. Well while I was gone Verizon mistakenly released the i760 for a few hours. A number of people got it ordered before they shut it down. I missed it. The wait continues. I have not been able to tether to my tablet with the Q because I have not been able to successfully downgrade to an earlier update. I did buy a pair of Shure headphones for the plane ride to Las Vegas I will be taking in OCT. They were 100.00!!!! BUT, they are hands down the BEST headphones I have ever had. I can't even hear my kids fight when I wear them.

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