Saturday, August 18, 2007

What a friggin day!!!

Today was a totally awesome day in our town. We had about 300 vehicles and prolly around 1000 ppl.
The fire dept. BBQ'ed chicken and it was sold by the Wakeman Business Association with the proceeds going to buy equipment for the park.
This is a car being dyno'ed. My son's favorite racer Al Friedman won King of the Dyno with a Whopping 817 whp. Pretty good for a four cyl. car

The Treo doesn't do justice to how short this girl's skirt is.

Hehe the one car here which doesn't quite fit in
The Arby's in Norwalk gave the racers a hard time last year. They're not vindictive are they?

Tomorrow is race day. I will be bringing a better camera hopefully. I spent the whole day today helping the police park cars so I didn't have much time to take many pics. Hopefully the rain will stay away.

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