Saturday, August 11, 2007

Pink Floyd

One of my hobbies is collecting bootleg recordings of Pink Floyd.

There is a wonderful group of people in the world who trade roio's. This is a Recording Of Indeterminate Origin. It can also be called Recording Of Illegitimate Origin. There are well over 1000 audio recordings of Pink Floyd in concert going back to their earliest days. The true fans trade these recordings FOR FREE. No profit is made by anyone in the communities I have/had chosen to be a part of nor should it be ever. It is done for love of the band, and for purposes of an historical and archival nature. People who sell bootlegs should be prosecuted. I already own every official recording of Pink Floyd.

Ok let me finish my story for those who know about the Floyd side of me. Last October or so I began my own trading hub. This June I shut it down abruptly. I had a number of problems around Memorial Day weekend and a couple of weeks later after other problems, I needed the laptop for work and that night I just didn't turn the hub back on. I am sure I disappointed a number of people and all of my friends. I offer my apologies to all of you. All of my harddrives are packed in boxes right now. I am sure this winter I will begin collecting again. I had set some goals for myself for what I wanted in my collection and I want to complete them.

I saw that my old friend SuperDude had responded to one of my posts last night. I began to think that probably more of you had seen my new blog and you all deserved an explanation and to know I am ok. I am not about to go into any excuses. For those of you who I know from my old hub, if you need some material, email me. I haven't been following any news about anything new that might have come out, but I would love to hear that acoustic version of Echoes David recorded at Abbey Road this year.

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SuperDude2111 said...

Acoustic version of Echoes? Ahh crap, must have missed that one!