Friday, August 31, 2007

Now this is a real day in my life

You saw the pic entitled power breakfast? I was up 2 1/2 hoursw before that. Took the kids to breakfast on my way running errands. Came back to the funeral home and got someone ready for visitation. Took that person over to the other funeral home to set them up by now its noon. I run home grab some paperwork and head to the doctor. I show up an hour early by mistake. Sit in the parking lot returning emails and smoking a cigar (great thing to do before getting checked over eh?) Doctor looks at my legs, draws blood, gives me a shot where the sun doesn't shine and sends me on my way. Get to visitation at 4:15 pm. Stayed there til 6:00 and run back to the prep room to work on body for next visitation. GHet back to visitation at 7:00. There is a receiving line out the door until around 10:00pm. Family leaves at 10:45. Me and my three helpers clean the funeral home and setup chairs. We leave at 12:15. I drive back to finish working on the other body by now my legs hurt so bad I can't stand it. My friend Adam is working late in his shop so I sit and prop my feet up til 2 am. I have to get the body ready tonight because i will not have time tomorrow. Adam comes over to help me. It's now 4 am and if I wait 35 mins. and do some office work I can drive to the Star Diner for breakfast. I think that would be better for me than to sleep for only 2 hours. The doctor doesn't know if I have gout or not, all I know is it friggin hurts. I haven't had a day liek this for a while. It's good to be busy again.

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