Sunday, August 5, 2007

handy customization for your shortbed truck

If you have a shortbed truck like I do, it poses a bit of a problem at times. I have a 1996 Ford Ranger with only 86,000 miles. I like it because I am 5'6" and I can reach into the bed and grab tools or whatever from it. The problem I have is when I need to haul lumber or things longer than my 6' bed AND also have to haul tools or smaller objects. So after walking around the barn full of scrap my Mom and Dad have collected I came up with this piece of genius.

Its actually half of a twin bed frame. When I open it up the legs of the frame sit exactly in the stake pockets of my truck. I cleaned it up and painted it. I wanted blue to match my truck, but settled on silver because black would cause it to be very hot to handle in the summer. Now I can lay long pieces of lumber or whatever and still be able to lower the tailgate to get things out of the truck bed. It also gives it that "Hillbilly Race Spoiler" look!! Maybe I will slap some Dale Jr. stickers on it!!


joe huff said...

AHAHAHA, talk about red neck. still that looks sick

Anonymous said...

I have actually been thinking about getting a Ranger myself. I think you need to patent this and sell it!