Friday, July 27, 2007

A Bit Of An Explanation

Well blogging from my phone has been going pretty good. I have been posting a picture during the day and then later on captioning it at home. I think I could keep this up on a regular basis.

Well I wanted to explain the title of my blog. Other than the obvious connotation to what I do for a living, it goes back to my childhood.

I decided to be a funeral director when I was 22. It wasn't even a career I was curious about as a kid, but there was something that I always wondered about when I was very young. One day sitting in Mom and Dad's car at church waiting to go to the cemetery for some relative who I don't remember, something struck me. If we were all here for the person that died and they were so important that day, why didn't they get to be in the very first car in the procession? What did you have to do or be to get to go in that first car. The Lead Car.

There were a couple of other moments similar to that, but I will save it for another day.

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